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What we do :

From your quotation request we provide the following services :

- research and selection of subcontractors

- prix negotiation

- contacts with potential suppliers

- production tracking and monitoring of delivery.

We suggest the following steps :

01. to define together :

    -  the objective of our work

    -  the key points for your quotation request

    -  the technical documentation products to subcontract (specifications)

    -  the planning of operations.

02. the work of prospecting and selection in Romania, with concrete offers to return

03. manufacturing by the Romanian subcontractor of a possible prototype

04. visit and audit of factories in Romania

05. preparation of a sub-contract between you and the Romanian manufacturer

06. setting up your requirements from the subcontractor

07. starting production

08. followed by manufacturing

09. followed of delivery

10. negotiating compensation for quality problems 


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