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Working with factories that are away from you, with people with different industrial culture, is not an easy thing. Also the gain that could be done by working with suppliers Romanian can it be lost under repair when problems occur, loss of customers, loss of time.

So even if in the first instance you would like to try to steer the conduct of business from your office by moving little on the spot, it very quickly becomes indispensable to have an agent who will not only see the problems, but will ensure that they do not occur.

While it is clear that working with an agent has a cost, this is an insurance policy essential, and much less expensive than if you manage the case or you travel in Romania or Moldova.

Advantages :

    Our office is your office.

   You have just one interlocutor who does not have a heavy structure and that allows you a maximum of services at reduced cost.

   All our services are best suited to meet your specific needs in the respect of your identity.

   We follow your outsourcing projects and purchase orders, from the sourcing until the arrival products.

   Training solid technical (mechanical engineer), which allows file management technique

   Total transparency : we do not buy to sell you !

  - you place the purchase order to the subcontractor

  - the subcontractor send you an invoice to delivery

   Our role :

  - play competition among subcontractors

  - knowledge of the habits and expectations of business in Romania

  - large network of outsourcing that allows power switch to other companies if needed

  - Via.Rom manage purchase orders and invoices delivery


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